1. Natural rubber

kemesKemes Ltd

We are offering a variety of natural rubber from trustworthy suppliers that guarantees stability and parameter repeatability of the deliveries

2. Synthetic rubbers


3. Polyethylene / Polypropylene

LDPE resins – film , extrusion, injection molding
HDPE resins – film , extrusion, injection molding
LLDPE resins
mLLDPE resins
– Exceed mPE resin
– Enable mPE resin

Specialty copolimers

– Ultra EVA resins
– Exact plastomers
– Escor EAA resins
– Lotek ionomer resins
– Optema EMA ( ethyl-methyl acrylate )
– Polibilt modifiers

4. Tackifying resins
– ESCOREZ grades

For more information Exxonmobilchemical

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